Teri Gelbmann | Real Estate Headshots

Thank you for contacting Teri Gelbmann Photography for your new Real Estate headshot.  I look forward to helping you put your best self out there to reach your target clients.  When shooting headshots it is important for me to know if you have picked a design for your business cards and other social media forums so that I can shoot appropriately for those items.  For instance, will you need a full body shot or just a head shot; will you need to be facing right or left; will you be using the shot for social media or just your business cards.

I encourage you to wear full makeup including foundation, and have your hair done for the shoot.  As far as clothing, simple is always better.   The things I suggest you take into consideration are the colors on the business cards you have chosen and whether your outfit will clash; patterns that may be distracting; what you want your branding to portray about you, and if you should have your clothing freshly pressed, to name a few. 

So, let's get started.  Your session fee can be conveniently paid ahead of time by clicking on the following link, or you can pay cash when we meet.


Now we just need to meet in office or at my home studio for our appointment. 

I look forward to seeing you soon,